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Our experienced mediators would help them to communicate with each other and reach agreement so that they can move forward with their separate lives. We would also recommend mediation to Hayley and Roy Tucker from The Archers to help them resolve their financial matters and to agree the arrangements for their daughter. If you are in a similar situation, mediation is for you. At ThomasHaywood, we have two mediators, Sarah Haywood and Juliet Franklin. From our offices in Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone we can provide a safe place to resolve your differences at your own pace. We will not leave you alone in a waiting room as happened to David Platt and Callum Logan on Coronation Street. We will give you an opportunity to recognise the needs of your children as well as yourselves and provide a way to help you to reach agreements which take account of all your needs, concerns and interests. The decision making rests with you. You are treated as the experts in dealing with your children, your finances and your future. If you would like more information about mediation, or if your relationship has ended and you need advice then contact our family team at ThomasHaywood. Sarah Haywood is head of our family department. Contact her on 01892 765013 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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