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The small claims track will be introduced in the Patents County Court (PCC) on 1 October 2012 following the coming into force of the Civil Procedure (Amendment No 2) Rules 2012, which amends Part 63 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).


High Court refuses McClaren injunction

On 18 August 2012, the High Court refused to grant an interim non-disclosure order restraining The Sun's publication of information concerning an extra-marital relationship involving Steve McClaren, the former England football team manager. Lindblom J held that Mr Mc Claren was a public figure within the definition recognised in Spelman v Express Newspapers and had also previously disclosed an extra-marital relationship in a national newspaper, saying that he was happily married and that his marriage would survive. Furthermore, he belonged to the category of those from whom the public could reasonably expect a higher standard of conduct. Even taking into account the difference between a former manager and that of a serving international captain, he was still a prominent public figure. He was most unlikely to succeed in obtaining a permanent injunction. In the circumstances, The Sun plainly had a legitimate interest in publishing the story.

Case: McClaren v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2012] EWHC 2466 (QB), 5 September 2012

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